In 2019, at age 73, I tested with 23 & me. I learned that the man who raised me was not my biological father. I did not have any close matches that I didn’t know. Lillie Grace told me to test with Ancestry in order to widen the field of possibilities. Lo and behold, I had a first cousin match that I had never heard about. This was a clue to my paternal side. Genealogy by Lillie Grace was able to determine my bio dad and that I had 2 half-sisters!

Alice (California)

Genealogy by Lillie Grace is amazing! Most people ask to have their family tree built, I had a different request. We always knew that Bisnonna Rosa (great-grandma) was from Italy but that was all. She never talked about how she came to R.I. with her young daughter, my Nonna.  She never talked about Nonna’s father either. With the very little info we had, Lillie Grace was able to unravel the mystery. Rosa and her husband immigrated to Ohio where Nonna was born. The husband died from stab wounds incurred in a bar room brawl shortly after Nonna was born. A few weeks later, Bisnonna murdered the man who killed her husband and turned herself in. She was released from jail on $1,000 bail paid for by her uncle. She disappeared with her daughter and ended up  in Providence.

Linda (Rhode Island)

I was put up for adoption but always knew who my maternal bio family was. No one knew about my bio Dad. Bio Granny paid for me to DNA test and from there it went into Lillie’s hands. She located a family that I had close matches to.  She “investigated” the family on facebook and was able to narrow things down. Eventually, she actually spoke with the man who IS my bio Dad (paternity test done).

Robert (Massachusetts)

We grew up believing that we were part Native American. Lillie Grace put that to rest after viewing my DNA test and building my tree. It seems that the story got it’s start because an ancestor won a lottery to purchase what had been Indian Lands. Somewhere down the line of story-telling, it morphed into her being an Indian.

Debra (Florida)

Turns out Grampy K was really Grampy Brown! Great Granny Blanche married Mr. Brown in Tennessee when she was just 16. The marriage records notes that her dad gave his consent over the phone. The 1930 Census has her living under the Brown name in Michigan with 3 sons age 1 to 6, as either a widow or divorced. Hard to tell which because of scribbling. Meanwhile, Mr. Brown is listed as single living with his parents back in Tn. No divorce record has been found. When Grampy was 3, he got a step-dad and uses his last name.  Confirmed my suspicions and math, things did not add up.

C Lee (Michigan)